In a tranquil courtyard, a towering stone Buddha statue stands out. It is about two meters tall and is exquisitely carved into the posture of Buddha seated on a lotus throne. The Buddha statue is meticulously sculpted, with intricate folds on its robe and delicate lotus petals, showcasing the masterful craftsmanship of the sculptor. The hands of the Buddha statue are formed in the gesture of “Earth Witness,” while its dignified face and deep gaze resemble the compassionate waters of a lake, seemingly silently recounting the vicissitudes of time and the accumulation of wisdom.

The stone texture of the Buddha statue carries the sense of antiquity that has weathered countless years, and its simple gray color emits an aura of ancient solemnity. Under the sunlight, the Buddha statue emits a faint glow, like a brilliant and translucent pearl, evoking a sense of reverence. Surrounding the stone-carved Buddha statue is a small garden, brimming with colorful flowers and lush greenery. The plants seem to pay homage to the Buddha statue, adding vitality and liveliness to this ancient stone figure.

The stone Buddha statue seems to traverse the river of time, silently guarding this land and witnessing the changes of the years and the cycles of life. Whether it be devout believers or casual visitors, none can resist being drawn to this stone Buddha statue, finding a sense of tranquility and solace deep within their hearts.