Have you ever noticed? Where have you seen standing Buddha statues? Standing Buddha statues can be placed not only indoors but also outdoors and are very flexible. It may be in a Buddhist tourist spot, in a city square, in a temple, a showroom, a bookstore, etc. It will not make you feel uncomfortable, and it will even make you feel very interested. The material of the standing Buddha is also distinguished. There are not only bronze Buddha statues but also stone Buddha statues. Bronze Buddha statues and stone Buddha statues bring different visual feelings to people, and in different environments, the sculptures of these two materials present different effects. You can choose according to your needs and the aspects you pay attention to.

The styles and handprints of standing Buddha statues can have many forms, representing different meanings and bringing different effects. The Standing Buddha statue shows the Buddha standing on a lotus throne or other pedestal, which is friendly in its seriousness. The standing Buddha statue can not only show the Buddha’s appearance but also show the beauty of the sculpture, which is the beauty of art and humanity. Placed in the library or exhibition, it may be more obvious and practical in the external expression of consciousness.