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Lying Buddha

Large Peaceful Bronze Lying Buddha Statue Garden Reclining Buddha Sculpture

The lying Buddha in this picture is a very classic form of the Buddha lying on his right side with his right hand supporting his head. It was very peaceful and harmonious. The Reclining Buddha, which is purely hand-carved, cannot be placed directly on the ground when placed. It must have a base to show respect. Maybe it’s a rock or a cushion. The lying Buddha is becoming more and more common as a garden sculpture. Even if you’re not a Buddhist, use a Buddha statue to improve your feng shui or create a quiet environment. Aongking has many Buddha statues of your choice like laughing Buddha statues or Buddha head statues.

NO.: AK-Buddha(D004 )
MATERIAL: Bronze/ Brass.
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc.
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Lying Buddha Details Description:

There are many forms of Buddha, one of which is the lying Buddha. In many Buddhist tourist sites, we will see the lying Buddha. The lying Buddha is also known as Nirvana Buddha because it represents the historical Buddha who was about to enter Nirvana when he was last ill. There are many famous Reclining Buddhas. The Temple of Lying Buddha in Thailand and the Buddha of Putomatun are very famous Reclining Buddhas. It is a great choice for your garden or as a gift for friends or relatives. And if you have ideas, you can contact us.

bronze buddha sculpture

Bronze Buddha Statue Production Process :

1. Confirming the details of drawing / 3D mold / Pictures with clients.

2. Making 1:1 clay mold according to design. Modify any details till confirmed.
3. Cast metal material by lost wax process casting.
4. Welding and polishing the surface and patina color.
5. Finished sculpture and took all different views pictures/ videos show to clients…
6. Packing into wooden cases and shipping after clients are satisfied with sculptures.

bronze production process

palce of buddha statue

Packaging: Inside: soft plastic foam/ blanket.
Outside: strong wooden cases or iron frame boxes.
Shipping: 1. By sea (Special for life-size sculptures and large sculptures).
2. By air (Special for small sculptures or when clients urgently need the sculpture).
3. By express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx. (Door-to-door delivery, about 3-7 days can reach).
4. Door-to-door service.
Please kindly contact us! Depending on your sculpture and local situation, we will find the best delivery way for your reference.

Packaging and Shipping

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