We see Buddha statues on many occasions, and perhaps many of the Buddhas we see are meditative Buddhas. Meditating Buddha statues are mostly used in decoration, no matter the size of the occasion, and are very able to calm down, and clear the mind statue. The meditating Buddha statue has a very distinct feature. The meditating Buddha statue is usually in a seated position with his eyes slightly closed and the handprint in his hand is a meditative seal.

Meditation Buddha statue is also very suitable for bars, bookstores, meeting rooms, cafes, lounges, and other places, can create a Buddhist style, but also can collide with other modern styles to give more effect. Meditating Buddha statues are made of both bronze and stone; You can choose the style according to the fit of your overall style and the Buddha statue itself. About the size of aongking can also be customized for you, you can rest assured. There are many kinds of meditation Buddha statues. If you have other styles that you like, you can also contact us for customization.