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Buddha statue

Buddha statues are works of art and religious symbols made in the statues of Buddha (the founder of Buddhism), used in Buddhist temples, monasteries, halls, personal altars, and other religious sites. They are commonly used for worship, meditation, reflection, and religious rituals. Buddha statues come in a variety of different styles, materials, and poses, representing different Buddhist teachings and scenes.

Seating Buddha Statues: The Buddha meditates or preaches in a seated position, usually used to represent the teachings of the Dharma.

Standing Buddha Statues: The Buddha stands in a position of majesty and wisdom.

Reclining Buddha Statues: The Buddha rests in a reclining position, representing the state of Nirvana (liberation).

Bronze: Bronze Buddha statues are usually cast with a layer of gold leaf added to increase their sacredness.

Wood carving: Wooden Buddha statues are usually made of a variety of woods and may be painted or polished to add beauty.

Stone carving: Stone Buddha statues are made of hard stone such as marble and granite, usually with exquisite craftsmanship.

Statues of Buddha are used in Buddhist temples and monasteries for worship, meditation, and religious ceremonies. They can also be used at personal altars in the home to enhance the practice of faith and meditation.

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