ABOUT BUDDHA STATUE SCULPTURE MANUFACTURER is a professional (BUDDHA) sculpture from Aongking Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. group company. Our own designers and factory, which has fully experienced artisans in carving nature marble and casting metal custom-made buddha statues. Aongking verified!

Buddhism is one of the three major religions in the modern world. Buddhist culture has a far-reaching influence all over the world.  Buddha statue is an indispensable subject in the sculpture world. Various types of buddha statues occupy half of the religious sculpture world. In Aongking, you can find the buddha statue of the style you want. There is also the laughing buddha, Guanyin, we have all carved exquisitely, to provide you with meditation and an indifferent state of mind.

Our Cooperation Process

1, Sending sculpture pictures and negotiating details and offering price for customer.
2, Sign the contract and pay the 30% deposit.
3, Custom-made buddha statue sculpture clay model, drawings, or 3D files for customization.
4, Carving or casting buddha statue sculpture depending on the finished model.
5, Confirm the sculpture and pay balance.
6, Packing and shipping.


Carving Nature Marble Buddha Production Process

Marble carving has a very long history, and the production process of marble buddha sculpture is constantly updated and improved with the development of science and technology and times.

At present, the main stone carving materials in the sculpture industry include marble, granite, jade, and other marble materials. The production process of marble sculpture is: The first step is to make a clay mold according to the pattern selected by the customer.

The second step, according to the user needs, environmental comparison, and other factors to choose the appropriate stone, cutting marble. The third step is to draw the pattern on the marble and then carve the figures.

Finally, after the completion of large-scale production, repeated adjustment, modification, and grinding, the need to polish the place to use a variety of models of polished pieces for many times grinding and polishing, the texture of the place to make the texture. So a marble carving is done.

Carving Nature Marble Buddha Production Process
Aongking buddha statue casting process

Aongking buddha statue
The production process for casting a bronze Buddha statue can be a highly skilled and time-consuming process, requiring a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. The process may vary depending on the size and complexity of the statue, as well as the specific techniques and materials used by Aongking.

Casting A Bronze Buddha Statue Production Process

1, Design and modeling: The first step is to create a design of the Buddha statue.
2, Molding: Once the design is finalized, a mold is created.
3, Wax casting: Next, wax is poured into the mold to create a wax replica of the Buddha statue.
4, Ceramic shell: The wax replica is coated in a ceramic shell to create a mold for the bronze Buddha casting.
5, Bronze casting: Molten bronze is poured into the ceramic shell mold and allowed to cool.
6, Removal of ceramic shell: Once the bronze has cooled and hardened, the ceramic shell is removed, revealing the bronze Buddha statue.
7, Finishing: The bronze Buddha statue is then finished by polishing, sanding, or applying patina, which is a chemical solution that can change the color and finish of the bronze.
8, Final touches: Finally, the Buddha statue may be mounted on a base, pedestal, or another display stand, and any final touches or detailing can be added.

Our Buddha statue sculpture Services

Buddha statue sculpture manufacturer shop here and you will truly enjoy the best technical quality and service.  Let you buy comfortably with peace of mind!

Sculpture packaging

 Different packaging for different buddha sculptures  

 Packaging depends on the size and weight 

Regular packing and Custom packing  

Buddha Garden Statue

Sculpture transport

Different modes of transportation for buddha sculptures

of different sizes and weights  

Freight transportation is sea and expressage

buddha wall sculpture

Sculpture installation

One, Big size: We can install it on site

Two, small and life-size:

2-1 in the bottom of the buddha sculpture welding metal plate, in plate, has 1 hole, when reaching your door. You can screws fix on the floor / concrete base.

2-2 In the bottom of the buddha sculpture with metal tubes, when reaching the site, can make holes in the concrete base and set the tubes inside, finally use glue to fix the holes in the base.

2-3 In the bottom of the bottom sculpture with a large metal structure, when reaching your site. You can be pouring into the concrete.

indoor buddha statue