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Bronze Buddha Statue

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Types of Buddha Statues

In the halls of Buddhism, there are various statues of Buddha, Bodhisattva, and Arhat, which all represent some kind of religious ideal.

The position and orientation of Buddha statues are also exquisite. Generally, they are seated east to west, and the solid wall on the back of the Auspicious square is chosen as a backer, which can not be placed on the hollow cabinet.

Buddha Garden Statue

Buddha Garden Statue

Buddha Wall Sculpture

buddha wall sculpture

Indoor Buddha Statue

indoor buddha statue

Form of Buddha Statues

We make Buddha statues of different forms for you, factory prices, quality assurance.

Our company has fat buddha statue, standing buddha statue, a praying buddha statue, lying buddha statue, walking buddha statue, meditating buddha statue (zen buddha)….. More Buddha sculpture forms for your choice.


Aongking Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. is a professional sculpture group company with our own designers and factory, which has full experienced artisans in carving and sculpting metal sculptures. 

Buddhism is one of the three major religions in the modern world. Buddhist culture has far-reaching influence all over the world.  Buddha statue is an indispensable subject in the sculpture world. Various types of buddha statues occupy half of the religious sculpture world. In Aongking, you can find the buddha statue of the style you want. There is also the laughing buddha, Guanyin, we have all carved exquisitely, to provide you with meditation and an indifferent state of mind.


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